Reiki Therapy

!!!Free - Introductory 30 minute session!!!

Yes, this is true. There is no pressure to schedule a follow up or anything like that. This is simply an opportunity to experience all Reiki has to offer you.

Reiki physically dissolves stored negativity in the body. This facilitates the balancing of energy and emotions, resulting in long term physical and emotional well being. Ask for our brochure detailing the benefits of Reiki and what you can expect from your session.

The OM Center has been offering Reiki since 2004 and we are happy to see it now being offering in most major hospitals across the U.S. including Loudoun Hospital!

Clinical Research has proven Reiki to help hasten healing after open heart surgery, lower rejection rates after transplants, and reduces anxiety and depressions in patients who received regular therapy.

Reiki Therapist Terri Lund is available Tuesday thru Friday by appointment.
Evening hours are available.
Call for an appointment.

New clients - 30 min. session gratis

Follow up sessions with Terri:

One hour session $75

Half hour session $40

What Kids Say About Reiki

"Reiki helps me with my migraines, with
congestion and even stomach problems. I also
want to tell kids it doesn't hurt. It feels
like you're hardly being touched. It's very
light and gentle." It's like you are half
asleep but half not. You're dreaming, but you
know you're awake."
-Miles, Age 11

"Reiki makes me feel very relaxed. Like I'm
about to fall asleep. It feels like I'm
floating and spinning in the air. It's awesome!
After Reiki I fee invincible!
-Michael G. Age 11

"It is very relaxing. When I came in with a
headache, it was almost gone by the end of the
session. I really like it."

"I liked the song pod-- it was nice. It was
relaxing. I felt like I went away. I felt lots
of tingling."
-Britany, age 14

"I feel less crabby"
-Ty, age 10

"I'm sleeping better."
-Zoe, age 11

More about your Reiki Master Practitioners

Terri Lund Lagozzino

I received my Master Reiki Level (Usui Shiki Ryoho) in 2006, and completed Shoden and Okuden levels in Jikiden Reiki (May 2013). In March/April 2014, I travelled to Japan, the birth place of Reiki, to further my studies and training, and became Shihankaku (assistant teacher). In September/October of 2016 I returned and became Shihan, which allows me to teach both student levels of Jikiden Reiki®, Shoden and Okuden. I was lucky enough both times to visit the memorial for Mikao Usui in Tokyo, in addition to climbing Mt. Kurama, where Usui Sensei was enlightened—learning that his destiny was to be a healer, with Reiki. Being in Japan is an experience I will never forget, enhancing and further illuminating Reiki for me.

After a successful career as a director of marketing for a nationwide corporation as well as a graphic artist, I found myself wanting three things; to be of service, to use whatever gifts I've been given to do so, and a venue in which to reach as many people as possible. It's true that when one only 'asks,' one is guided.

My youngest client has been a toddler, my eldest 89 (so far). Because Reiki addresses us as physical, spiritual, mental/emotional beings, issues for which I've provided treatment range from injuries, pre- and post-op sessions, effects of chemotherapy, and migraines, to depression, mourning, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and much more.

Many people have been surprised when I 'discover' areas of past trauma and/or injury. I explain that one can recover on a physical level -- say from surgery, or an accident -- but on an energetic level the associated trauma can and very often does stay 'locked' until it is cleared. So, someone may have recurring pain in a certain area of the body and never realize it is related to the energetic memory of the injury. And, many times this does not always correspond to the location of the original damage. This is just one of the fascinating attributes of Reiki.

Another is the fact that though we may not be able to change circumstances (and/or people) causing challenges and perhaps strife, quite often clients find their attitudes about them change -- they begin to view them with a new perspective. This is not only liberating, but deeply healing. How does this happen? One of the reasons has to do with the extraordinary level of relaxation the majority of clients experience. They've variously described it as "the most relaxed I've felt in years," and "like being far away, yet I know I'm in a session," and "like a deep meditation, but I don't have time to meditate!" It is when our mind is quiet and still that we are most able to access intuition and insight.

I live in a state of never-ending gratitude, for all I've hoped for has come to pass. To be able to introduce people to, and enlighten them about, this modality that I so respect and love brings me great joy. Each and every person I treat is a gift, and I learn so much from every single one. I can't imagine a richer life.