"Having been to at least five other
Chiropractors in my life, this practice is by
far the best. I would and have already,
recommended this practice to several friends"
- Richard F.

Dr. Misra goes to great lengths to understand
any illnesses or injuries you have. He finds
the core root of the problem and fixes it. The
knowledge he has is amazing."
- Sharon M.

"Excellent combination of knowledge in muliple
fields, commitment to effective treatment, and
- M. F. Lyle

"Dr. Misra REALLY cares and has taken time for
me in my times of great need. I am very
- C. Yauch

I saw the doctors during my last trimester of
pregnancy. I was experiencing lower back pain,
especially in my sacroiliac joint. After a few
sessions, my pain was gone and I felt so much
better! The doctor performed the "Webster
technique," a chiropractic technique for
pregnant women. It helps open and balance the
pelvis, and according to research, makes labor
and delivery easier and quicker. I have nothing
to compare it to, this being my first baby, but
I had a super fast and easy delivery and very
- NH

"Dr. Misra is The Master! I'm pain-free and
feeling much stronger!!"
- Ray Whitbey Mayor of Hamilton, VA, CPA

"I've been to Chiropractors for over 20 years
and have never felt as good as after seeing Dr.
Misra. Thank you Dr. Misra!"
- Laura Catuska (ACE Cert. Personal Trainer)

Misra Chiropractic Clinic is consistently
excellent! The chiropractic care is unsurpassed,
and I have been to a LOT of chiropractors
through the years. Dr. Misra has a gift for not
only knowing what's wrong, but also knowing how
to fix it. I cannot say enough.

Dr. Misra and staff are always wonderful. He
listens and gets to the root of my problem every

Wonderful massage by Jessica! She focused on my
problem areas and I felt great when I left.
Beautiful, clean office. The staff is top notch!

Dr. Misra has taken care of our family for
years. We feel so lucky to have found him. He
has incredible knowledge and is very caring. He
is always able to diagnose and treat whatever
ailments we seem to come in with. He is our go
to person for almost anything medical related.
Unlike conventional doctors who bandaid your
issues, Dr. Misra solves them. Everything from
nerve issues to tendonitis to structural
issues.. he covers it all and has the amazing
knowledge to find the root cause of your
troubles. He understands the entire human body..
neurologically and structurally and beyond.

You walk in to an office with very friendly
staff, and Dr Misra!! He is the back whisper! He
is knowledgeable and caring. I recommend this
clinic highly.

Comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Friendly
professional staff. All around great experience!

Dr Misra is a great chiropractor. He uses a
holistic approach and is expert in his field.

True patient care is hard to find these days but
this is one place you know will always have it.
They make every effort to understand the problem
and have a fantastic track record of resolving
it and proving the tools to feel good again! One
of the best doctors and clinics around. If you
are reading this do yourself a favor and book an
appointment now. :)

Dr. Misra is caring and gifted and his staff is
always helpful and attentive.

Hi!!!! I'm Ada. I'm a rock climber. My goal is
to go to the Olympics. (Yes, rock climbing is
now in the Olympics). 2 years ago, I hurt my
upper back while climbing and it hurt to do a
certain movement on the wall. My family and I
then found Dr. Misra, and he started helping me
with my back by giving me exercises to do at
home. Now my back doesn't hurt and I can
continue climbing. I still see Dr. Misra every
month for him to check my muscles and recommend
things for me to do to not get injured again. Oh
yeah, and I also got 4th place at speed climbing
nationals last summer. I couldn't have done it
without Dr. Misra!!
- Ada Saker